Brillo Erase and Wipe

Brillo® Erase & Wipe® with Estracell® More Sanitary Sponge is a 2-in-1 cleaning pad designed to easily erase marks and clean all around your home. The white side is the erasing side and the purple side contains the Estracell® More Sanitary wiping layer to wipe away residue. Because of the unique cell structure of the erasing side, no chemicals are needed, just water. The Brillo Erase & Wipe also has our Wedge Edge® contour that reaches deeper into hard-to-get-to corners and crevices.

• Cleans without Chemicals
• Use All Around the Home
• WedgeEdge® Shape Reaches Deeper
• With Estracell More Sanitary wiping

Brillo Soap Pads

America's most trusted team of housekeepers thinks Brillo® Estracell® Sponges are impressive!

Good Housekeeping

Use the Brillo® Estracell® Sponge Wipe, which is larger and more comfortable to grip than a regular sponge making it versatile and easy to maneuver, for quick cleanups around the kitchen.

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Brillo® Estracell® Heavy
Duty Scrub Sponge

Brillo® Estracell® No Scratch
Scrub Sponge with Wedge Edge®

Brillo® Estracell®
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Brillo® Estracell® No Scratch
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